Myths and Truth

This site goal is to publish the Truth about the Better Business Bureau

 The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an organization containing more than 100 privately owned franchises loosely controlled by the Council of the Better Business Bureau  (CBBB).

 Each BBB franchise is a privately owned business.
The performances of each franchise depends  on the integrity and capability of its owners and staff, and vary from one franchise to another. 

The only asset  the BBB has is the public belief that the BBB is non biased  and publishes  reliable information.
Without the public belief in the BBB being impartial, honest and providing accurate information, the BBB would cease to exist. 
Logically, to survive, the BBB tries  to cultivate this belief in any way possible.
This includes supporting “old fashioned  myths” concealing the truth and hiding some material facts and information in the small prints on their web site. 

Myth 1:
The BBB deserves the public trust as it is a Governmental Department or has some accountancy to a government body.
The Truth:
The BBB franchises are privately owned, choose to be treated as a “Non Profit Organization” in order to cultivate and strengthen the wrong myth that they are “government” or a charity organization.

Myth 2:
The BBB is impartial and non biased as its funding comes from the government.
The Truth:
The BBB income is generated from selling memberships to businesses and collecting yearly membership fees.
The BBB has nothing to do with any governmental body and does not receive any financial assistance from the government. 

Myth 3:
The BBB treats all companies equally.
The Truth:
The business community is well aware that the BBB discriminates against non members; grading differently fee paying members than non members.
Hundred of thousands of businesses across the USA experience this discrimination first hand.
This “Mafia” style of the BBB tactics to collect “Membership Fees” generated an alarming number of internet posting, blogs and even court cases against the BBB.

Myth 4:
All the BBB franchises follow the  same rules and directions as set and published by the CBBB.
The Truth:
Each BBB franchise is a privately own business responsible for its income,  costs and expenses.
Being a “Not for profit” is a marketing choice, which cannot stop the franchise owners from drawing pay and or benefits from their business,  the amount of such “benefits”  is totally at their discretion and ability.
The BBB franchises do not have to publish their “Tax Return” to the public, allowing the owners to conceal how lucrative it is to own a BBB franchise.
The BBB franchises minimize their costs utilizing staff which does not possess the qualifications that will enable them to judge which complaints are valid and which are not.
The public and thousands of businesses are faced with unprofessional and wrong decisions made by unqualified staff with the “authority” and capability to damage one business enormously through their ignorance.
Decisions and judgments are made against the CBBB’s own published explanations of how complaints are handled.

Whatever the initial idea was when the BBB started many years ago, none of its good intentions and merits survived the changing times.

The business community and the public are faced now with a bunch of corporations “Not for Profit” but for personal gain to their owners, with inadequate staff, cultivating wrong myths and providing misleading information.

It is time to spread the truth and let the public know.
With greater public knowledge – the BBB “asset” will diminish and so its capability to collect  fees and cause damages.